A little bit about us

A number of us felt that it was time for professionals with visual disabilities to come together to demand their fair share of the national cake. We have seen the great successes that women have achieved over the years, and we realized that unless we spoke up for ourselves as a group, no one would speak for us or listen to us. We also realized that there was much potential for mutual support among such professionals requiring a context in which it could be utilized. We were of the view that both these goals could be achieved through a registered society.

Image of a man reading braille
Image of a lady using white cane


Currently, the membership of SOPVID includes school teachers, university lecturers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and ICT practitioners. SOPVID welcomes professionals with visual disabilities to be full members, and their friends and families to be associate members. It also welcomes students in middle level colleges and universities to be associate members.

How Do I Join?

Download the Application form here, and pay as indicated below.

Full Membership

Associate Membership

Once done, please send the filled Application Form and payment details by email to sopvid@gmail.com and copy to the SOPVID Treasurer, James Gichuhi at jgichuhi@itacconsulting.com. Deposit the payment to bank account or mobile transfer.

SOPVID Strategic Plan

Click here to download the 2023 – 2028 strategic plan.

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