December 9, 2023    
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Conference Theme: Effective Professionals with Visual Disabilities: Seizing Opportunities and Removing Barriers


  • Braille technology and Braille use in the digital age.
  • Enhancing STEM education for learners with visual disabilities.
  • The high school educator.
  • The advocate, the magistrate and the judge.
  • The college and university lecturer.
  • The engineer and the ICT professional.
  • The media professional.
  • Widening career options for persons with visual disabilities.
  • Social Media: Trends and Tips.
  • Rehabilitation and habilitation.


Professionals with visual disabilities face at least two main kinds of challenges:

  1. Inaccessible physical, social and digital environments that inhibit the actualization of their
    vast potentials at the workplace.
  2. Stereotypes and Prejudices that militate against their full inclusion in the job market.

In response to the above-mentioned challenges, the Society of Professionals with Visual Disabilities (SOPVID) was founded in 2003 as a forum for exchanging ideas among its members, with a view to promoting their professional excellence. Central to this endeavour is the promotion of the use of relevant adaptive technology, life-long education, and the enhancement
of requisite social skills among its members, as well as the promotion of the rights of professionals with visual disabilities at the workplace. The upcoming conference will contribute to the achievement of these and other related objectives spelt out in the SOPVID Constitution.

Conference Goal

This two-day conference aims to deliberate on strategies for enhancing the effectiveness of professionals with visual disabilities with a view to promoting their upward mobility in their careers.

Specific Conference Objectives

At the end of this conference, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the opportunities for, and obstacles to, upward mobility for persons with visual disabilities in various professions.
  • Draw up strategies for taking advantage of the opportunities and surmounting the obstacles in the way of persons with visual disabilities in various professions.
  • Expand their networks with persons and organisations in the visual disability sector.


  • Professionals with visual disabilities.
  • Special needs education practitioners (primary and high school teachers, quality assurance personnel, etc.).
  • Special needs education academics.
  • Organisations of persons with disabilities.
  • Organisations for persons with disabilities.
  • Human rights organisations.
  • Members of the National Assembly, Senate, and County assemblies.
  • Government departments specifically responsible for disability inclusion.
  • Other relevant government departments.
  • Policy-makers.
  • Media practitioners.


To register, please send an email with the subject line “SOPVID Conference 2023” to: conference@sopvid.org with the following details in the body the email:

  1. Name.
  2. Profession/occupation.
  3. Institutional affiliation.
  4. Email address.
  5. Mobile phone number.
  6. City/town and country of residence.
  7. Whether you wish to make a presentation at the conference, and if so, the title of your presentation and the conference sub-theme under which it falls.

Kindly send your email with the information above no later than 4th December, 2023. Looking forward to seeing you at the inaugural SOPVID Conference!

You can download the PDF document about the conference here and the Word document can be downloaded here.

Society of Professionals with Visual Disabilities (SOPVID)
P.O. Box 41693-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Email: conference@sopvid.org
Website: https://sopvid.org

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